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Thinkthrough Consulting (TTC) is a multidisciplinary professional services organization that specializes in providing advisory support to sustainable development initiatives. TTC strives to engage with clients to address critical challenges through providing access to the best possible expertise and innovative solutions to achieve efficiency and create the desired impact.

TTC works with Multi & Bilateral organizations, International Funding Agencies, Government Agencies, NGOs and Corporate Foundations and Impact Funds in assisting them across various thematic areas.

ThinkBig Summit 2017 is hosted by Thinkthrough Consulting in partnership with WEConnect International

We offer advisory support across the sustainable development initiative value chain covering a cross section of thematic areas including Education, Water and Sanitation, Sustainable Livelihoods (farm and non-farm), Skill Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Gender and Inclusion, Financial inclusion, Governance, Grant Efficiency and Health and Nutrition.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners consisting of Management Graduates (from different faculties and specializations), Chartered Accountants, Cost and Financial Accountants, Lawyers, Social Workers, Sociologists, Anthropologists and Researchers with diverse skill sets, competencies and experience in sustainable development initiatives.

Services Offered

Our range of services revolve around the following key themes:

  • Development sector advisory
    Our extensive experience with the development sector helps us in supporting organizations with tailor-made solutions for all their needs including governance, management, strategy, capability development and impact assessment.

  • Sustainability & climate change advisory
    Our solutions are aimed at helping organizations to effectively manage sustainability and climate change risks as well as leveraging on opportunities arising from the same, through innovative and timely actions.

  • Ethical business advisory
    We support organizations in embracing ethical practices, evaluating risks and developing mitigation strategies across business and value chain.

General Organizational Capabilities

Multidisciplinary Team
In the rapidly changing global environment, development actors face several critical challenges across the value chain of social development initiatives. It is our endeavour to provide end-to-end value added services across functionalities and domains to our clients and assist them across the multiple layers of criticality. This is where our multi-disciplinary team of practitioners with their diverse skill sets, competencies and varied experience bring their expertise to each of the projects in hand.

Global Advisory Council
TTC’s Global Advisory Council (GAC) consists of eminent practitioners and domain experts on social development initiatives from across the globe. The GAC is a body of exceptional personalities, thought leaders and sector champions and includes 110 members from 28 countries having thematic and functional expertise on various millennium development thematic issues.

The GAC provides:

  • Insights into strategic issues, critical business parameters and key sensitivities
  • Effective teaming for exceptional client experience
  • Access to worldwide capabilities, knowledge and good practices

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners are institutions with credibility and experience who bring in niche capabilities to complement what we do, to aggregate all important services under one roof, making us a one stop destination for clients. Our strategic partners assist us in:

  • Providing access to global network, standards, resources and knowledge base to provide comprehensive solutions

  • Supporting clients across the entire social development value chain